Main Street Safety Action Plan - Approved

Having troubles viewing the plan online? There are printed copies available for review at Dayton City Hall (111 S. 1st St.) and at the Columbia County Rural Library District (111 S. 3rd St.).

Project Synopsis

The City of Dayton is taking a proactive approach to further enhancing and improving the safety of Main Street. Main Street in Dayton is not only the commercial core for commerce and tourism, it is a State Highway and the principal arterial for the city. Traffic on Main Street ranges from local traffic, semi-truck travel, pedestrian and bike traffic, to bus stops and more. As transportation modes continue to change and grow, the city recognizes the need to further develop Main Street to ensure safety and ease of use of all users. Some of the frequently discussed concerns surrounding the current development of Main Street include noise complaints, excessive speeding, limited and/or unsafe pedestrian crossings, and more. It is the intent of the Main Street Safety Action Plan to identify the known safety concerns on Main Street, discuss various solutions for addressing those identified concerns, and offering recommendations to alleviate those safety issues.

Meeting Agendas & Packets

Approved Meeting Minutes

Guidance Materials

Stakeholder Committee Group

Meagan Hayes, CFM  City of Dayton; Director of Planning & Community Development; Facilitator & Secretary
Zac Weatherford City of Dayton; Mayor
Fred Crowe City of Dayton; Councilmember; Transportation Committee 
Trina Cole* City of Dayton; Administrator
Rob John City of Dayton; Public Works
Adam Schmidtgall* Anderson Perry; Engineer
Dena Martin Columbia County; Planning Manager
Charles Eaton* Columbia County; Engineer
Molly Weatherill-Tate Chamber of Commerce; Committee Member
Bette-Lou Crothers Chamber of Commerce; Dayton Development Task Force; Committee Member
Alicia Walker Dayton Planning Commission; Main St. Business Owner; Committee Member
Jennie Dickinson Port of Columbia; Committee Member
Paul Gonseth Washington State Dept. of Transportation; Committee Member
Chris Shires Main St. Business Manager; Committee Member
David Ocampo Columbia Co. Public Transportation; Committee Member
Ivan Macedo Columbia Co. Public Transportation; Committee Member
Ginny Butler Dayton Historic Preservation Commission; Committee Chair
David Harvey Main St. Business Owner; Committee Member
Marty Hall Resident; Committee Member; Col. Co. Commissioner

*Members that will offer involvement on as-needed basis or as fill-in's for other committee members