Planning and Community Development

The City of Dayton is committed to smart growth, and is choosing to take a new, proactive approach to planning efforts city-wide. 

The Planning and Community Development Department provides guidance to encourage growth, enhance the character of the community and neighborhoods, use best available methods to ensure communicative planning efforts, and much more. Partnerships with businesses and relationships with community members are essential in achieving city-wide interests and goals.

Highlighted News

Dayton Planning Commission Eligibility Requirements Expanded

The eligibility requirements to volunteer for the Dayton Planning Commission (DPC) has changed. In summary, these changes include:

  • Residency in the Dayton city limits OR established Urban Growth Area (previously just the city limits)
  • Commission can include up to seven (7) members, previously five (5)
  • The DPC is now responsible for Parks Planning efforts, and will offer guidance to the Dayton City Council in making decisions regarding recreational facilities and programs