Hybrid - June 9, 2021 Agenda

Regular Meeting Agenda
Hybrid meeting: 112 S. 1st St. Or Zoom

Preliminary Agenda Packet

Wednesday, June 9, 2021
6:00 p.m.

A. Call to order
     1. Roll call
B. Approval of agenda
     1. ACTION: Consider authorizing 06/09/2021 City Council Agenda as presented
C. Public Comment
D. Consent Agenda - Action
     1. Approval of May 12, 2021 City Council Meeting Minutes
     2. Approval of Claims Voucher Warrants as audited by the Finance Committee = $191,379.87
     3. Approval of Payroll Voucher Warrants for May 2021 = $101,428.22
     4. Confirm Mayor Weatherford’s Appointment of Derik Bernhardt to the Affordable Housing Commission with a term ending Feb. 18, 2024.
E. Public Hearing
     1. To take testimony for or against the establishment of the proposed multi-family tax exemption (MFTE) policy and the designation of the “Rock Hill Residential Target Area”.
F. Items for Council Consideration/Action
     1. Consider authorizing Resolution No. 1473 - Designating the Times as the City’s Official Newspaper of Record for the Term June 14, 2021 Through June 13, 2022 as Required by Law of Ordinances and Official Notices.
     2. Consider authorizing Resolution No. 1474 – Adopting the Six-Year Transportation Program for 2022 – 2027
     3. Consider authorizing Ordinance No. 1982 - An Ordinance of The City Council of The City of Dayton, Washington Amending Ordinance 1976 And Title 4-9 Of the Dayton Municipal Code, Utility Rate Reduction Discount Program; Providing for Severability; And Providing for Summary Publication by Ordinance Title Only
     4. Consider authorizing Ordinance 1983 – An Ordinance of the City of Dayton, Washington, Creating a New Chapter of the Dayton Municipal Code and Adopting Policy and Incentive for Multifamily Development in the City Limits
     5. Consider authorizing Ordinance 1984 – An Ordinance of the City of Dayton, Washington Adopting a New Chapter of the Dayton Municipal Code Related to Special Events in the City Limits of Dayton
     6. Consider authorizing Ordinance 1985 – An Ordinance of the City of Dayton, Washington Amending Section 5-2.04 of the Dayton Municipal Code and Adopting the 2018 International Codes by Reference

G. Mayor Reports/Comments
H. Standing Committee Reports/Comments
I. Department Reports
J. Unfinished Business
K. New Business
L. Adjournment

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Next regular City Council meeting is scheduled for 07/14/2021.