ZOOM - July 8, 2020 Agenda

ZOOM MEETING - See attached packet
Wednesday, July 8, 2020 6:00 p.m.
07-08-20 Agenda update: includes minor revisions to agreement with USACE for levee rehabilitation, Attachment A of Resolution 1424. Updated Packet Here
A. Call to order
     1. Roll call
B. Approval of agenda
     1. ACTION: Consider authorizing 07/08/2020 City Council Agenda as presented
C. Public Comment
D. Consent Agenda - Action
     1. Approve June 10, 2020 Regular City Council Meeting Minutes
     2. Approve July 1, 2020 Special City Council Meeting Minutes
     3. Approve Claims Voucher Warrants as audited by the Finance Committee
     4. Approve Payroll Voucher Warrants for June 2020
E. Public Hearing - N/AF. Items for Council consideration/action
     1. Resolution No. 1420 - Designating Authorized Representations to Obtain Federal and/or State Emergency or Disaster Assistance Funds Associated with the Disaster No. FEMA-4539-DR-WA, January 20-February 10, 2020
     2. Resolution No. 1421 - Authorizing Public Assistance Grant Agreement between the City and the Washington State Military Department in response to FEMA Disaster No. 4359-DR-WA
     3. Resolution No. 1422 - Authorizing an Interagency Agreement with Washington State Department of Commerce for the award of Coronavirus Relief Funding totaling $76,800
     4. Resolution No. 1423 - Authorize Task Order 2020-02 with Anderson Perry & Associates, Inc.,to perform engineering services associated with the Cameron Street Chip Seal Project
     5. Resolution No. 1424 - Authorizing Cooperation Agreement between the City and the United States of America, the Department of Army, for rehabilitation of a federal flood control work
     6. Ordinance No. 1964 - Authorizing an amendment to the 2020 Budget, Amendment No.2020-01
     7. Ordinance No. 1965 - Authorizing an amendment to City Hall hours and days of operation
     8. Authorizing the Mayor to submit a letter on behalf of the City of Dayton requesting legislatures to prioritize and uphold Washington's commitment to provide affordable housing stabilization options
G. Mayor Reports/Comments
     1. Handling of non-emergency, non-contractual service calls relating to animal control and code compliance
H. Standing Committee Reports/Comments
     I. Department Reports
J. Unfinished Business
     1. Recent action towards interlocal agreement negotiations with Columbia County for law enforcement, dispatch, and municipal court services
K. New Business
L. Final Public Comment
M. Adjournment
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