August 8 2018 Minutes

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Regular Meeting

Wednesday August 8,2018

111 S. 1st Street

Dayton, WA 99328

1. CALL TO ORDER: Mayor George calls the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Roll Call: Present –Byron Kaczmarski, Dain Nysoe, Delphine Bailey, Zac Weatherford, Matt Wiens, Kathy Berg,

Excused Absences - Michael Paris


ACTION: Berg makes a motion; Weatherford seconds the motion, and the motion carries unanimously approving the Consent Agenda as presented:

A. (i) Approve July 11, 2018 City Council Meeting Minutes; B. Approve the Voucher Warrants as Audited by Finance Committee $244,485.09 C. Approve the following Payroll Warrants for July 2018: # 45896- #46008 ~ $80,978.97


Vicki Zoller – 720 E Tremont ~ President of Friends of the Dayton Pool –

Committee update – Working on Website, Grant Writing updates, Fundraising update, Survey sent out for wants and needs of what people would like to see at the pool. Approx. $17,000.00 was used for summer rec. to bus local kids to Prescott pool. Community Transit has been running people out to Prescott twice a day with Summer Rec Chaperones on board. A Check was presented from the Friends of the pool for 6,300.00 to be applied towards the Pool Assessment bill. Mayor George discussed the Parks and Rec. District and levy capacity.

Gerald Pulliam – 346 S Touchet Road ~ Has questions on a letter they received from the City of Dayton Code Compliance Officer in regard to his trees on Washington Street. Would like to recommend 10 foot from the street for trees to be trimmed. Mayor George commented the law has been on the books for a long time, if it needs to be changed we will give this information to the Planning Commission to take a look at it.




Public Safety – No Report

Public Works – No Report

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Finance – Council member Weatherford commented – We will touch on the items under New Business.

Parks/Public Grounds – No Report

Planning/Economic Development – Council member Kaczmarski reported they have some items under Planning on the Agenda.

Personnel – No report

Emergency Management – No report.

Chamber of Commerce – Council member Berg – stated its our quite time now, Bailey commented that the music on main street is a nice addition.

Sherriff – Sherriff Miller reported he has hired two new officers.

Public Works – Public Works Assistant Dave Elkins reported – City Crew is busy with ongoing projects. Getting Painting street done. Elkins discussed the Main Street trees issues. JJ Dippel stated she cut her own shrubs, Elkins and the council thanked her for doing that.

Commissioners – No report.

Code Compliance –Planner M. Bailey presented photos of 212 N First St. Code Compliance focus this month.

Planning - Planner M. Bailey – Comprehensive Plan update – Hired Consultant Ben Floyd with White Bluff Consulting. Draft Docket items will be presenting to the Planning Commission on Tuesday the 21st. 90% of what we are requesting are changes initiated by staff. UGA land swap, Adoption of the Blue Mountain Regional Trails, Improve retail development downtown, Updates to the Countywide Planning Policy, Updates to the Comprehensive Plan docketing Process.

Docket Items – Improve restroom facilities at the Sports Complex, Improve recycling facilities, Tree heights over public right of ways. These items will be presented to the Planning Commission this month, with public hearing in September with adoption at October meeting.

City Clerk – No Report

Mayor Pro-Tempore - No report

Mayor – No Report


A. ACTION: Bailey makes a motion; Wiens seconds the motion, Authorizing Resolution No 1347, awarding a professional services agreement for the Dayton Swimming Pool Facility Condition Assessment to ORB Architects, Inc: and, authorizing the mayor to execute a professional services agreement with ORB Architects, Inc for said services. Not to exceed $49,648.00. Motion carries unanimously.


A. ACTION: Kaczmarski makes a motion: Nysoe seconds the motion to Authorize Anderson Perry & Associates, Inc. Task Order to complete engineering services associated with the Inert Waster Landfill Project. Not to exceed $10,000.00. The motion carries unanimously.

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B. ACTION: Bailey makes a motion: Berg seconds the motion to Authorize Change Order No.1 for the FEMA Street Repairs Projects-FEMA portion. The motion carries unanimously.

C. ACTION: Bailey makes a motion: Berg seconds the motion to Authorize Change Order No. 2 for the FEMA Street Repairs Projects-City/Seneca portion. The motion carries unanimously.

D. ACTION: TABLED –Resolution No. 1348, authorizing the Mayor to sign an interlocal agreement with the Planning Department Services with Columbia County. (Need to redraft and re - sign with 60 days termination timeline.)

E. ACTION: Nysoe makes a motion: Berg seconds the motion to Authorize

Ordinance No. 1937, amending certain section of Title 11 of the Dayton Municipal Code (DMC)-Zoning, Amending various sections of the zoning code. The motion carries unanimously.

F. ACTION: Nysoe makes a motion: Kaczmarski seconds the motion to Authorize Appointment of JJ Dippel to the Dayton Historic Preservation Commission with a 3-year term to expire September 2021. The motion carries unanimously

G. ACTION: Bailey makes a motion: Weatherford seconds the motion to Authorize PP&L to start the LED Light Replacement program, Mayor to sign contract. The motion carries unanimously


Berg – Want to thank Vicki Zoller for the work on the pool and for the wonderful pictures she took at the Depot the other night.

Nysoe – Thank you everyone for coming to the meeting tonight, its nice to see all the chairs filled up.

Kacmarski – Thank you all for coming to the meeting tonight.

Mayor George – Reminded everyone to vote.


With no further business to come before the Council, the regular meeting is adjourned at 6:58 p.m. Next regular meeting is September 12, 2018.

City of Dayton

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Delphine Bailer, Mayor Pro-Tem

Attested: Approved:


October 10, 2018

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Trina Cole, City Administrator Date


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