October 10 2018 Minutes


Regular Meeting

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

111 S. 1st Street

Dayton, WA 99328


Mayor Pro-Tem Delphine Bailey calls the meeting to order at approximately 6:00 p.m.

Roll Call: Present: Zac Weatherford, Mike Paris, Matt Wiens, Dain Nysoe, Byron Kaczmarski (enters meeting at 6:04 p.m.), Delphine Bailey

Absent: Craig George, Kathy Berg

Staff: Meagan Bailey, Planning Director; Jim Costello, Public Works Director; Trina Cole, City Administrator


ACTION: Nysoe makes a motion; Paris seconds the motion, and the motion carries unanimously approving the Consent Agenda as presented:

• Approval of the August 8, 2018 City Council Meeting Minutes;

• Approval of the following vouchers for payment:

Claims: 46117; 46135-46189 ` $ 383,110.08

Payroll: 46119-46134; 46190-46218 $ 87,437.27

Total $ 470,547.35; and

• Authorize contract with Pacific Power for installation of an LED Street Light at about 528 W. Cameron Street not to exceed $914.00.




Public Safety – Nysoe reports that he learned that the hanging flower baskets obstruct the Highway 12 crosswalk pedestrian signal creating a hazard for pedestrians. He spoke with Chamber of Commerce and they are going to look into it.

Public Works – There is no report.

Finance – Kaczmarski reports that the Committee met to discuss the 2019 Budget. Nysoe states that one of the topics discussed included ensuring that labor was being allocated according to project to ensure accurate tracking of expenditures.

Parks/Public Grounds – D. Bailey reports: 1) Main Street Tree Committee met, discussed the health of the trees, the economic and environmental benefits of trees in general, removing the grates surrounding the tree bases may beneficial and sidewalk heaving may be caused by frost versus tree roots. The next step will be a follow-up meeting with the Department of Natural Resources; that of which, Bill Clemens is scheduling.

Planning/Economic Development – There is no report.

Personnel – There is no report.

Emergency Management – There is no report.

Chamber of Commerce – There is no report.

Commissioners – There is no report.


Sheriff – There is no report.

10/10/2018 City Council Minutes Approved: 11/14/2018 2 of 3

Public Works – Costello reports: 1) That Humber Asphalt, Inc. will complete the raising of manholes on E. Washington Avenue, then overlay N. 5th Street from E. Washington Street to E. Patit Avenue, E. Patit Avenue from N. 5th Street to Seneca Way, and the section of S. 5th St. from E. Washington Avenue to the railroad tracks; 2) Leaf Pick-up dates and regulations for bagged leaves and the location to place the bags; 3) Installed “No unauthorized vehicles” signs on levee at Sheriff’s request; 4) Relocated the pedestrian flashing lights from S. 2nd Street to W. Cameron Street to accommodate increased pedestrian traffic associated with The Club; 5) Ordered two mesh custom-made covers to cover the Dayton Swimming Pool tanks. The covers will meet Washington Administrative Code (WAC) requirements for pools closed in excess of 12 months. Costello was able to save a considerable amount of cost by going with the mesh covers. Council commends Costello for researching the City’s options and finding a cost-effective solution to meet the WAC requirements; 6) E. Washington Street Overlay Project will be completed in the latter part of October; 7) Received a request to re-stripe parking along N. 1st Street to create additional parking spaces through diagonal parking stalls. He requests a Public Works Committee meeting. Bailey inquires if there would be expenses associated with the transition. Costello responds that it would require labor and painting supplies; 8) Dave Elkins and Rob John attended a Safe Dig Course; 9) Lloyd Fletcher is now a certified water distribution manager; and, 10) Inert Waste Site Permit Application Report is 95% complete.

Planning Director/Code Compliance – M. Bailey reports/summarizes the following: 1) The Code Compliance Focus for September was 505 S. 4th Street. The lot was cleared of weeds and Deputy Sheriff Wiens reports that a junk vehicle was also removed. 2) Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on proposed Title 6 and Title 21 updates. The most notable update is reducing public right of way parking to 72 hours. 3) General Updates, i.e. Zoning Changes, Infill Provision Additions – was presented to the Planning Commission and is under discussion and review. 4) The consultant has created a Scope of Work for completing the 2020 Comp Plan Update. A copy is distributed for Council’s use. 5) She is now a Certified Floodplain Manager.

City Clerk-Treasurer – Cole reports: 1) Received a Washington State Department of Archives Grant Award of $9,700 for digitizing approximately 17,000 city documents. 2) Received a 2019-21 Palouse RTPO TA Funding Program Grant Award of $211,000 for S. 3rd Street Sidewalk Replacement Project. She explains that design will take place in 2019 and construction will occur in 2020. 3) There will be a Special City Council Meeting on November 28, 2018 to receive public input on the 2019 Final City of Dayton Budget.

Mayor Pro-Tempore – There is no report.

Mayor – There is no report.




ACTION: Weatherford makes a motion; Paris seconds the motion to authorize Resolution No. 1353, amending Dayton Historic Preservation Commission By-Laws. M. Bailey states that the proposed policy provides concurrency between the By-laws and the Title 5 of the Dayton Municipal Code. There is no further discussion. The motion carries unanimously.

ACTION: Kaczmarski makes a motion; Nysoe seconds the motion to adopt Docket Item Nos. 1 – 6 to be processed in the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update as presented in the Planning Department Staff Report dated 09/18/2018. M. Bailey reports that a public hearing was held on the docket items and cites DMC codes for processing docket items associated with the Comprehensive Plan. There is no discussion. The motion carries unanimously.

10/10/2018 City Council Minutes Approved: 11/14/2018 3 of 3

ACTION: Paris makes a motion; Wiens seconds the motion to authorize Resolution No. 1354, adopting Findings and Conclusions for Docket Items that will not be processed in the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update. M. Bailey summarizes the proposed docket item rejections. There is no discussion. The motion carries unanimously.

ACTION: Weatherford makes a motion; Paris seconds the motion to approve Anderson Perry & Associates, Inc. Task Order for performing surveying services for City/County Property Exchange not to exceed $5,300. Cole summarizes the proposed Order. There is no discussion. The motion carries unanimously.

ACTION: Paris makes a motion; Nysoe seconds the motion to approve Anderson Perry & Associates, Inc. Task Order for performing surveying services for landfill boundary line adjustment (BLA) not to exceed $5,000. Nysoe asks if the Department of Ecology inert waste site application encompassed the landfill BLA. Cole responds that staff will ensure that the area is included if it was not included in original application. The motion carries unanimously.


D. Bailey reports that the recent Public Forum was good and urges everyone to vote in the upcoming elections.


With no further business to come before the Council, the regular meeting is adjourned at 6:36 p.m.

City of Dayton


By: Craig George, Mayor

Attested: Approved:


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