Affordable Housing Commission

Affordable housing is a statewide issue, and municipalities in Washington State are taking steps to address this issue in various ways. Housing is considered "affordable" if the household is paying no more than 30% of their income for housing costs, including utilities. A household is "cost-burdened" if more than 30% of household income is paid towards housing and utility costs. In the City of Dayton, 46% of renter households and 40% of owner households are cost-burdened. Efforts to reduce the number of cost-burdened households will directly benefit the entire community by offering aid to achieving resiliency and creating an economically strong, vibrant, and healthy community. 

The City of Dayton is taking proactive steps to address the local affordable housing issues.

  • Dec. 2019 - The Dayton City Council adopted Resolution 1399 - establishing the Rules of Procedure for the Affordable Housing Commission
  • Nov. 2019 - The City of Dayton has partnered with the City of Walla Walla, College Place, and Waitsburg to create a Regional Housing Action Plan through a successful grant application with the Department of Commerce
  • Nov. 2019 - The Dayton City Council adopted Resolution 1398 - declaring intent to adopt legislation to authorize a sales and use tax for affordable housing
  • Aug. 2019 - The Dayton City Council adopted Ordinance 1952 - amending Title 1 of the Dayton Municipal Code and establishing the Affordable Housing Commission
  • July 2019 - Following an extensive and broad stakeholder engagement and coordination process, Community Council published a regional Affordable Housing Study to address the affordable housing issues at a regional level

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