Code Compliance


The City of Dayton's Code Compliance is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Dayton by providing public service in the enforcement of Public Nuisance, Animal Control, Street, Building, and Zoning Ordinances. We are committed to working with both citizens and businesses in a professional and effective manner. Enforcing city codes protects the values and aesthetics of property.

What is Code Compliance?

Code Compliance is used for addressing violations of codes and/or public health and safety issues. Code Compliance actions are taken by priority, both proactively and reactively in response to requests for action received from citizens.

How Do I Notify the City of a Possible Code Violation?

Complaints can be filed by using the Request for Action Form, and sending it by email, mail, fax, or filling it out in person. A completed form must be included with the following information: your name, phone number and address, the exact street address where the possible violation has occurred and specifics regarding the violation before city compliance officer will investigate.


More Information

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to notify staff of a potential violation and/or with general inquiries.