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W. Main Street Sidewalk Construction Project slated to begin July 10, 2017.

The Project includes contructing new sidewalks invlovoing the istallation of ADA compliant sidewalk ramps and landscaping improvements along the north side of W. Main Street beginning at the Touchet River (Main St.) Bridge and continuing to N. Pine Street.  

For more information, please contact Adam Schmidtgall at Anderson Perry & Associates, Inc., at (509) 529-9260.

Map - Project Location


S. 1st Street Reconstruction and Oak Street-S. 2nd Street Water Main Replacement Projects slated to begin June 5, 2017.

The S. 1st Street Reconstruction Project and Oak Street/2nd Street Water Main Replacement Projects are slated to begin on June 5, 2017 and continue through the middle of September 2017.  Hours of operation will be Monday – Thursday, 7:00 am. – 6:00 p.m. 

General Description of Projects:

The S. 1st Street Reconstruction Project includes replacement of the water main line and individual service lines; improvements to the sanitary sewer system service lines; storm drainage improvements; reconstruction of the street, curbs and gutters; and, replacement of sidewalks currently in poor condition along with installation of ADA ramps.

The Oak Street/2nd Street Water Main Line Replacement Project comprises installation of a larger water main line and replacement of individual water service lines.     

Vicinity Map of Projects


“Envision Dayton 2039” Workshop – April 27th and May 4th

A public workshop where everyone will have a chance to share their vision for the cityin 20 years.  What are our assets that should be retained and what goals should the city strive to reach?   

Location: Dayton : St. Joseph’s Parish Hall. 112 S. 1st Street

The doors will open at 5:40 pm, the workshop will begin promptly at 6 pm and end at 8 pm.

N. Front Street Overlay/Drain Line Project to begin July 5, 2016

Funding Sources:

Transportation Improvement Board Small City Preservation Program
Dayton Transportation Benefit District Tax

The City of Dayton was successful in securing a grant to make much needed street improvements to N. Front Street between Main Street and Dayton Avenue. The project is slated to begin in early July 2016. 

The N. Front Street Overlay/Water Drain Line Replacement Project will include replacing the reservoir’s drain line, installing new catch basins to improve N. Front Street’s drain system, removing and patching failed areas of N. Front Street’s pavement, constructing ADA sidewalk ramps as needed to meet code, and applying a 2” overlay to the entire street. It is anticipated that the project will be completed sometime in August 2016.

In advance, the City appreciates the community’s patience throughout this project. If you have any questions, thoughts and/or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the City at 111 S. 1 st Street, Dayton, WA, 509-382- 2361, or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Certificate of Availability review for 330 E Main Street by DHPC on May 11, 2016 6:30 PM, City Hall

Meeting agenda enclosed.