Pietrzycki City Park


Pietrzycki City Park is the crown jewel of Dayton parks.  It is located south of Main St. at the end of S. 1st Street and/or S. 2nd Street and can be accessed by trails/paths and a footbridge across the Touchet River.  This City Park is filled with a large gamit of recreational activities including:

If you are planning a private event such as a family reunion or wedding in Pietrzycki City Park, it is recommended to contact the City at 509.382.2361 to ensure sprinkling systems are off for the duration of your celebration.  

Also, park use and its facilities are available on a first come, first serve basis; reservations are not accepted (except for community-wide events which require City Council’s approval). However, you may want to check with City Hall to avoid a conflict with scheduled community events to be held in the park.

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