Notice of Public Hearing


The City of Dayton hereby gives notice that a public hearing has been scheduled to take testimony for or against the vacation of a portion of E. J St. public right-of-way, between S. 3rd St. and S. 4th St.

Petition Request:  Request has been submitted to the City of Dayton to vacate a portion of E. J St. between S. 3rd St. and S. 4th St. Dimensions of the vacation petition is 10’ x 339.26’, for a total area of 3,392.60 square feet. The portion right-of-way requested to be vacated is in partial use, with power poles, utility transmission, and slight surface development including curbing. 100% of adjacent properties owners signed the petition.
Public Hearing:

The Dayton City Council has scheduled a public hearing to take testimony for or against the vacation.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 

6:00 pm or shortly thereafter

This meeting will be held in a hybrid format. Participants are encouraged to attend via Zoom to ensure capacity limitations are not exceeded:

For more information:
Contact Meagan Hayes, CFM, Director of Planning & Community Development
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111 S. 1st St., Dayton, WA 99328