Public Notice of Application & SEPA DNS - Three Rivers Short Plat & Variance

Short Plat and Variance

The City of Dayton hereby gives notice that an application(s) has been received and found complete for the following project: Three River Short Plat and Variance. Comments relative to the approval and conditioning of this application are requested. Approval of the Variance application requires a public hearing and final decision by the Hearing Examiner; approval of the Short Plat application requires final approval by the Director. Appeals to the approval/denial of the Variance are made to the Planning Commission; appeals to the approval/denial of the Short Plat application are made to the Hearing Examiner. This notice will be published in the paper of record and distributed to surrounding property owners. A public hearing for the Variance application will be scheduled and advertised at a later date.


  1. Notice of Application
  2. Preliminary Plat


A Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS) has been issued for the above mentioned project. The DNS was issued in accordance with WAC 197-11-340.


  1. Determination of Nonsignificance
  2. SEPA Checklist