How do I change the Comp Plan designation of my property?

Comprehensive Plan Questions: 509.540.6747

I am developing my land, who do I call for utilities?

Water and sewer hookup questions and charges: Jim Costello, Public Works Director at 509.382.2361

I want to design and build a home, where do I begin?

Building Permits: 
Site Plans and Zoning: 509.540.6747
Building codes and inspections: 509.382.4676

I want to develop a commercial site, who do I need to call?

Site Plan Applications and information: 509.540.6747

I would like to operate a business from home, do I need a license?

Home Occupation Permit information: 509.540.6747
City Business License: Not required. 
However, be sure to contact Planning at 509.540.6747 to ensure your proposed home business is compatible with your zoning designation.

I would like to place a sign at my business, what are the requirements?

Sign applications: 509.540.6747

Is my property City or County? What is the zoning classification?

  • Columbia County Property Information - Information Coming soon. 
  • City Zoning Information: 509.540.6747 
  • County Zoning Information: 509.382.4676

My parcel is zoned Commercial, how do I change the zoning to Residential?

Change of Zone and land development questions: 509.540.6747

What are the procedures for a new Commercial Development?

Development Procedures for Commercial Properties: 509.540.6747

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